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Santosh Chalise




Santosh Chalise is current mayor of Gokarneshwor Municipality. He is an active social worker and formerly was Ward President and Vice President of Jorpati VDC. He is also serving as a Vice President at Uchha-Isthariya Rastriya Sahid Park, Gokarna since 2063 B.S.

During his work as a Ward President, he was responsible for executing the approved village development programs and maintaining the accounts of income and expenditure as well as keep the population records of VDC up-to-date. He had an administrative control of the employees. Later on, he also served as Vice President. Mr. Chalise had served Arunodaya Higher Secondary School as a Chairman from 2065 B.S to 2073 B.S. He also worked as a Chairman at Gram Nirman Bandhu Club from 2066 B.S. to 2073 B.S.

He is an aware personality with cultural sensitivity who understands that cultural differences and similarities between people exist without assigning them a value – positive or negative, better or worse, right or wrong.

Mr. Chalise has been awarded with following recognitions:

•           Recognition from Ramesh Bikal Literary Foundation.

•           Recognition from Anunodaya Higher Secondary School.

•           Recognition from Nepal Medical College.